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 Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2016 Package

Packages for the Greatest Party on Earth. Rio de Janeiro Carnaval 2016 Packages including hotel, daily breakfast

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Here are some Suggestions for Packages you might want to consider

 Rio de Janeiro and Iguassu Falls   Manaus and Amazon Ecopark Lodge 
 kite-170x80  kite2-170x80    buenosairs-170x80
 Kitesurfing in Cumbuco, Ceará  Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires
   floripa-170x80  buenosairs-170x80  ushuaia-170x80
 Iguassu Falls and Florianopolis  Buenos Aires and Ushuaia
 pantanal-170x80  araras-170x80  clipper-premium-170x80  clipper-tour-170x80
 Pantanal Araras Lodge  Amazon Clipper Cruise
 anavilhanas-170x80  anavilhanas-cabin-170x80  porto-galinhas-170x80  olinda-170x80
 Anavilhanas Lodge in the Brazilian Amazon  Recife, Olinda and Porto De Galinhas
 slz-170x80  lencois-170x80  outropreto-170x80  bh-170x80
 Sao Luiz and Lençois Maranhenses   Belo Horizonte and Ouro Preto
 jeri-170x80  fortaleza-170x80    salvador170x80
 Fortaleza and Jericoacoara  Rio de Janeiro and Salvador da Bahia



Here you find some suggestions of destinations you might want to visit.

 Rio de Janeirov- Brazil’s most famous city is rich with history, modern culture, beautiful beaches and remarkable nightlife. igu170x80 Iguassu Falls – One of the largest waterfalls in the World. Ecotours, adventures, safari and trekking. Nature, rainforest, wildlife.
 Salvador – As the first capital of Brazil, Salvador da Bahia witnessed the blending of European, African and Amerindian cultures. morrodesaopaulo170x80 Morro de Sao Paulo – A two-hour boat ride south from the Bahian capital of Salvador makes Morro de São Paulo the ideal place for relaxing.
fortaleza170x80 Fortaleza – Capital of Ceara, is one of the largest cities in Brazil and certainly one of the most vibrant. jeri Jericoacoara – still reflects simplicity of the old fishing village bathed by the colors and luminosity of Ceará clear waters.
 Fernando de Noronha – Clear water, rich marine life and spectacular landscapes, the archipelago is one of the most stunning places in Brazil. natal170x80 Natal – Capital of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal has some great beaches, historical sites, and nature areas.
manaus170x80 Manaus – Gateway to the Jungle Lodges, Manaus is a modern city with high-rises and a busy port . belem170x80 Belem – Belem has a long and varied history as colonial port, wealthy from the rubber boom, economic and cultural center of northern Brazil.
olinda170x80 Olinda – Olinda has nearly 500 years of History. In the first 100 years of BrazilOlinda was one of the richest cities in the country. brasilia170x80 Brasilia – Renowned for its modernist lines and futuristic design, Brasilia is a study in urban planning and the only city built in the 20th century.
recife170x80 Recife is the fifth-largest city in Brazil, the largest metropolitan area of the North/Northeast Regions and the capital of Pernambuco lencois170x80Lencois Maranhenses – The National Park is a imense desert of beautiful white dunes and turquoise lakes.
paraty170x80 Paraty- Halfway between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo it can be considered a laboratory for the new eco-conscious Latin American hotel scene.  Buzios- A small and sophisticated paradise with more than 20 magnificent beaches and crystal-clear waters.
ouropreto170x80 Ouro Preto – One of Brazil‘s best-preserved colonial towns and a UNESCO world heritage site. tiradentes170x80 Tiradentes – one of the smallest yet best preserved colonial towns in the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais.
saopaulo170x80 Sao Paulo – sprawling metropolis that anchors Brazil’s booming economy, Sao Paulo is the largest city in South America and a wonderful gastronomic destination. florianopolis170x80Florianopolis – The 40-odd white-sand beaches that make up much of this city enchants locals and tourists.
troncoso170x80 Trancoso – former fishing village on Brazil’s Bahia coast, Trancoso has turned into a super-trendy getaway. petropolis170x80 Petropolis-The Imperial Museum houses some of the most important objects in Brazilian history. Petropolis offers plenty in the way of ecotourism and adventure .
cachoeira170x80 Cachoeira- Located in the state of Bahia, this was one of the chief centres of sugar and tobacco cultivation in the 16th century offering some fine colonial architecture. itacare170x80Itacare: Itacare, in Bahia, is one of Brazil’s top surfing and summer destinations. Surrounded by beaches with lush vegetation.
saoluiz170x80 Sao Luiz – The only Brazilian state capital founded by the French, Sao Luiz has great number of Brazilian folkloric traditions as well as cultural expressions peculiar to Maranhão. gramado170x80 Gramado – The small Brazilian village of Gramado is Brazil’s best-known mountain resort. High enough to be refreshingly cool in summer and positively chilly in winter.
curitiba170x80 Curitiba- – The modern and efficient city of CuritibaBrazil is home to more than two million. It’s transportation system is envied worldwide. portodegalinhas170x80 Porto de Galinhas – Porto de Galinhas is one of the most famous beaches in Brazil.
teresina170x80 Terezina – Pleasant, green tree-lined city. It is a friendly spot to re-charge your batteries and check your emails before heading off to the National Parks. joaopessoa170x80Joao Pessoa –One of the oldest cities in Brazil, dating back to 1585.
 portoalegre170x80Porto Alegre –  Capital of Rio Grande do Sul, known by its nightlife with different types of bars with live music and shows. Many restaurants offer the famous “churrasco”.  vitoria170x80Vitoria – Two important ports are located in the region, Vitoria and Tubarão. Petrobras, one of the global leaders in energy recently opened its modern headquarters in Vitoria.
camboriu170x80 Balneario Camboriu -Beaches for all types with good infrastructure. Attracts families as well as young people.  campinas170x80Campinas -Business tourism is booming on that busy city located at 90 kilometers from Sao Paulo.
goiania170x80 Goiania -Founded in 1930 it displays many art deco buildings in downtown. The city has many parks, bars, restaurants, ice cream shops, cafes.  ubatuba170x80Ubatuba – Ubatuba is an important tourist city, receiving tourists from many parts of Brazil. Ubatuba features over 100 beaches. It is considered “The Surf Capital of São Paulo State”, hosting important surf contests every year, including two world qualifying series.
belohorizonte170x80 Belo Horizonte –  Host of many major cultural events such as the International Theater and Dance Festival. During the months of April and May the Gastronomic Festival (Comida di Buteco) brings many tourist to the city. ilheus170x80 Ilheus –  Known by as the scenario for famous Jorge Amado’s books, the big attractions are the nearby beaches.
 santos170x80Santos –  Many attractions in historical centre including the Coffee Museum, the old train and the biggest seaport in Latin America, Port of Santos.  praiadoforte170x80Ilha de Marajó – Is a large coastal island almost completely surrounded by fresh water. Together with smaller neighboring islands, separated from Marajó by rivers, it forms the Marajó Archipelago, with an aggregate area of 49,602 km² (19,151 sq mi). There are large herds of domesticated water buffalo on the island.
santarem170x80 Santarem –  Is a city in the state of Pará in Brazil. The Tapajós joins the Amazon River there, and it is a popular location for tourism. It is the second most important city in the state and the financial and economic center of the western part of the state. maceio170x80 Maceio – Home to numerous beaches, the color of sea varying from emerald green to blue; the water is always clear. The sand is white and there are many coconut plantations.The Maceió sea has natural pools and reefs a few meters off the coast, that can be accessed by boat or raft sailings. The Mundaú lake is another option for sailing and bathing in transparent water.
juazeiro170x80 Juazeiro do Norte –  A city in the state of Ceará state in northeastern Brazil. Juazeiro do Norte is best known as the base of the charismatic priest and politician Padre Cícero (1844-1934). A pilgrimage in his honour takes place every November, attracting thousands of followers.  campinagrande170x80Campina Grande – The second most populous Brazilian city in the State of Paraíba after João Pessoa, the capital. It is considered to be the most important city of the Northeastern Brazilian subregion called agreste. It is considered one of the main industrial, technological and educational centers in the northeastern region of Brazil.
ilhabela170x80 Ilha Bela – An archipelago and city situated 4 miles off the coast of São Paulo state, Ilhabela is a popular sailing point with several regattas taking place at the city’s coast. Also, it is popular for many other watersports including scuba and free diving.The waters around the archipelago are filled with more than 50 shipwrecks, six of them being opened for visiting via diving.There are many hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty and 360 waterfalls in the Atlantic jungle. bentogoncalves170x80 Bento Goncalves –  Main economy is the wineries located on Vinhedo Vail, producing more than 12 millions of bootles per year. Italian cuisine is present on the local restaurants.
itajai170x80 Itajai -Balneario Camboriou’s neighbor, it has bustling nightlife and beautiful beaches.  bombinhas170x80Bombinhas -Thirty one well preserved beaches and many trail trekkings and native vegetation.
londrina170x80Londrina –  Paraná’s second economy, it attracts business travelers. In June the greatest event is the International Theater Festival.  parintins170x80Parintins
macapa170x80 Macapa – Is the capital of Amapa State, in Northern Brazil. The equator runs through the middle of the city, leading residents to refer to Macapá as “The capital of the middle of the world.”  juizdefora170x80Juiz de Fora – Important centre of metallurgical industries and universities. The main town between Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.
 riobranco170x80Rio Branco -Located in the border of Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. Hot and humid all year round. sjcampos170x80 Sao Jose dos Campos –  In the state of São Paulo and one of the most important industrial and research centers in Latin America. It is located in the Paraíba Valley, between the two most active production and consumption regions in the country, São Paulo (50 mi) and Rio de Janeiro (200 mi). According to a 1999 UN study, São José dos Campos was rated one of the top 25 Brazilian cities for quality of life. With its high per capita income, long life expectancy and high level of infrastructure, São José dos Campos is, for Brazilian standards, a safe and secure city that offers a wide variety of stores and services.
 palmas170x80Palmas -Founded in 1989, it is the newest capital in Brazil, with wide avenues and plazas.  ribeiraopreto170x80Ribeirao Preto – It is nicknamed Brazilian California, because of a combination of an economy based on agrobusiness plus high technology, wealth and sunny weather all year long. In addition to its economic importance, the city is also an important cultural center.
camposdojordao170x80 Campos do Jordao – The Mantiqueira mountains provide unique panoramic views, and the municipality’s region still has undeveloped old growth Atlantic Forest habitat. There are numerous outdoor activities for tourists and winter residents including hiking, mountain climbing, treetop cable swings, horseback riding, and motorbike riding. July, of winter season vacations, sees an enormous influx of visitors due in part to the winter festival of classical music. itatiaia170x80 Itatiaia – Gateway to Itatiaia National Park, established in 1937, is the oldest national park in Brazil, located in the border of Rio de Janeiro State and Minas Gerais State. The park is part of the Mantiqueira mountain range, and home to Brazil’s third highest mountain, Pico das Agulhas Negras, which stands at 2,878 meters. The park attracts bird watchers from all over the world with its 350 species of birds. Other attractions include hiking and rock climbing.