Here you find some suggestions of Eco Packages in Brazil.  All our travel programs in Brazil are custom made to each client’s particular needs including hotel category and travel budget.

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The Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rain forest. It has unequaled natural resources and one-third of the planet’s living species. The rivers of the Amazon Basin, in which a fifth of the world’s fresh water flows, are ‘roads’ that lead to the heart of the jungle. The Lodges which accommodate you in the jungle offer comfort and security for hiking out to discover the boundless flora and fauna.


 Uacari Reserve

Uacari Floating Lodge is located in Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve. It’s a site recognized by UNESCO as part of the Natural Heritage of Humanity, and it’s also the first sustainable development protected area created in Brazil. The Lodge is rustic, comfortable and located in an exceptional area in the Amazon. There are many places to go and observe the abundant wildlife. Besides, you can interact with local communities and researchers that work in the Reserve. Uacari Lodge is a Community-Based Tourism model. Its management is shared with surrounding communities and Mamirauá Sustainable Development Institute. The income generated is spent on the enterprise maintenance and on social benefits for local communities. The Reserve is one of the best places to sight the rich Amazon wildlife. Given its location, the lodge is designed for minimum environmental impact, with rainwater collection, solar power for lighting and water heating, and a sewage filtration system.
Our Hints:
If you’re game to take a dip with flesh-eating piranhas and wide eyed caiman, welcome to the jungle. All around you is as wild as wild gets on this planet. Expect to see lots of wild life.

Anavilhanas Lodge

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is a small and exclusive Hotel situated in the heart of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Resting in front of Anavilhanas, the world’s largest fresh water archipelago.
At Anavilhanas you will find such diverse experiences as adventure, contemplation and knowledge in the heart of the Amazon Forest combined with distinguished service and comfort accommodations.
The Lodge is touched by the black waters of the Rio Negro and is blessed with the sounds, smells and mysteries of the Amazon Jungle. Free of mosquitoes, you will experience the perfect balance between Nature and comfort. The architecture is in line with the regional tradition: lots of hay and suspended wooden structures, holding cozy rooms where our guests will find peace and quiet for an invigorating night’s sleep. Throughout the hotel, the homespun atmosphere comes from modern forms and contours which enhance the grace of natural materials and their functions in the structure.

Amazon Ecopark Lodge

Amazon Ecopartk Lodge is one of the better lodges close to Manaus. It is located on the Tarumã River, approximately one hour from the airport. The Lodge sits on a private reserve. The igarapé is of exclusive use to the lodge, which gives it a secluded feel. In the dry season there are several beaches right across from the lodge, and the vegetation is lush and beautiful. The lodge also has some natural pools for swimming.
All bungalows are comfortable and pleasantly decorated, while maintaining a rustic and original atmosphere. There are several fresh water streams, jungle trails with diverse vegetation, including virgin forests, natural savannas, and creeks for canoeing.

Our hints: Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge is perfect for romantic getaways , family trips to Amazonas and for solo travels. Great option for short time travelers offering packages of 1 night and2 days / 2 nights and days.


Amazon Eco Lodge

Amazon Eco Lodge is a beautiful rainforest lodge located 50 miles from Manaus, on the south bank of the Amazon River. Rustic floating cabins with air-conditioning and baths make up this remote lodge. The monkey- and bird-watching is excellent. The

Amazon Lodge consists of a central “open air” swimming module, where it is so nice to take a swim in the warm river waters. The Lodge is a floating Hotel with capacity for 36 people in double rooms, totaling 18 Rooms.
Our Hints: Because it is far from Manaus and away from most other lodges in the area, we think you have a better chance of seeing more wildlife from here.



Tariri Amazon Lodge

On the shores of Lake Acajatuba, this family-owned resort is located 100 miles from Manaus in the mediations of the Archipelago of Anavilhanas at the municipality of Iranduba. Surrounded by the most diverse ecosystems and landscapes of lush Amazon Jungle, Igapos, land and beaches. The Lodge consists of charming wooden rooms built on stilts above the jungle floor. Owners Germano Alvarado and Fabiola Carrazzone do everything from greeting the guests with fruit juice to taking them on the various tours. Germano, who hails from Peru, personally takes guests on boat trips to see baby alligators and riverside communities, while Fabiola is in charge of the tasty meals served thrice daily. All rooms have screened windows, an electric fan, and their own bathrooms.

Our Hints: Exceptional and warm service provided by the owners and the rest of the family members. The lodge is small, cozy and offers a family feeling.


The Pantanal is a large wilderness area, one of the world’s largest, containing forests, meadows and savannahs. Unlike the Amazon’s dense foliage which makes spotting birds and other species difficult, Pantanal is a photographer’s, birder’s and nature lover’s delight as wildlife is seen in abundance.



Cristalino Jungle Lodge

It is beautifully situated on the Cristalino River and there are several good trails and observation towers to enjoy. The local wildlife is exceptional and expertly found by the guides. Boat trips are really enjoyable and educational, with great opportunities for photography. Cristalino Lodge was elected as one of the best hotels in Brazil by National Geographic Traveler, combining authentic experiences, sustainability ethic and a strong community involvement. Built to harmonize with the surrounding forest, the eco-friendly bungalows provide a pleasant and comfortable stay. All rooms have a strong preoccupation with environmental sustainability.

Our Hints: The bird watching at Cristalino is awesome. Besides the spectacular birds, you will have the chance to see tapirs, caimans, river otters and capivaras.

Araras Eco Lodge

The main reason of going to the Pantanal is to observe the animals and Araras Lodge is a great destination for this purpose. You will see theblue Araras, Black and Gold Howler, Tapirs, Armadillos, tortoises, Ocelot and lots of capivaras. Riding, boating and fishing Piranhas is great and well organized.Built in harmony with the environment, without renouncing comfort, the lodge is reachable all year-round by car via the Transpantaneira Park Road. The rooms are luxurious with a beautiful natural eco styling and provide everything one needs to relax and enjoy a stay in the Pantanal.

Our Hints: great place for bird watchers lovers and animal spotting.


Jaguar Ecological Reserve
Jaguar Lodge is for those willing to spend time in nature viewing wildlife in its natural habitat. The accommodations are rustic , however The Jaguar Ecological Reserve offers a unique glimpse into the local Pantaneiro culture. The Reserve employs local Pantaneiros, whose knowledge of the region will enhance your visit. By visiting the Reserve you will directly contribute to a community-based conservation project aimed at protecting the biodiversity and culture of one of the largest wetlands in the world.
Our Hints: book the 4 nights tour to maximize your chances of seeing Jaguars.


Rio Mutum Lodge
The Pousada do Rio Mutum – Pantanal Lodge is located in one of the most beautiful regions of Mato Grosso´s Pantanal. In this ecological paradise the sound of the birds at dawn, the enchantment of the waters, the blue sky, the breathtaking sunset, horseback riding through the forests and wetlands, trails totally immersed in nature, flights of birds, Brazilian otters playing by the river, alligators enjoying the sun. The food is excellent buffet style. The rooms – in units of two or three, spread out in the grounds – are spacious, bright, and colourful, with very comfortable beds.
Our Hints: don’t forget to take binoculars, and think about taking a long telephoto lens for your camera. This is a very suitable Lodge for families with kids.


Xaraes Lodge

The Xaraés lodge is 340kms from Campo Grande, the capital of State of Mato Grosso do Sul and 130kms from Corumbá, the main town in the southern pantanal.

South Pantanal and Bonito

4 Days in Southern Pantanal at Xaraes Lodge including all meals, 3 days at Marua hotel in Bonito including daily breakfast. Includes all transfers.


 Jericoacoara and Lencois Maranhenses

Incredible nine day 4×4 trip all the way from Jeri to Lencois Maranhenses, driving by dirt roads, beach sands, crossing rivers on barges.




 Chapada Diamantina, Bahia Brazil

Chapada Diamantina National Park, created in 1985, is a region of mixed terrain, verdant slopes and red-rock mesas fed by the underground water system, waterfalls and pools contrasting with the nearby drought-ridden semi-arid Sertao.