Get the Good Vibes at Guaruja

The place famous for its carnival is not strictly limited to carnival. We are talking about Brazil , as we are paving our way to Brazil, we have found another destination Guaruja.

Guaruja is a municipality situated in sao paulo, a part of Metropolitan Region of Baixada Santista.It has a population of 4 lakhs approx inhabited in an area of 143.58 km which makes ot medium populated city. Guaruja is also know as Narrow path in tupi language. The population of Guaruja is highly urbanized as it comes under metropolitan area.

Guaruja is located in Santo Amaro island, od Sao Paulo shore. The main source of income here is export and import stuffs which comes via its ports. Another source is tourism, because Guaruja is a busy weekend destination for families coming from Sao Paulo, who can reach the place by road in just 1 hour driving or even less. But if you are planning to visit the city during weekend make sure to utilize you Friday night or Saturday morning, so that you can stay at least for 2 days there, during the peak weekend , the traffic gets heavy.

Like other cities of Brazil Guaruja is home to great beaches such as Guaiuba, Tombo, Asturias, Pitangueiras, Enseada, Pernambuco, Pereque, Sao Pedro, Tijucopava, Iporanga, Praia Branca and Praia Preta.


  1. The Praia do Tombo :It is an high tide beach hence it is ideal for professional surfing, not only this, the beach host many national and international surfing championships.
  2. The Praia da Enseada :It is long beach with more than 100 kiosks spread on the sand and is ideal for practicing water sports.
  3. The Praia de Pitangueiras :This beach has has calmer waters, as compare to the above which makes it perfect for swimming.
  4. The Praia de Pernambuco :It is recommended for kayaking, sailing, body boarding and surfing; and, when the tide is high, it meets with the Praia do Mar Casado , it is so called because two water meet here.

Other then swimming, surfing and other water sports, it is also good for artisanal fishing. But if you want to spot the fresh fishes then you have to go Praia do Pereque Beach, you can see many small shops selling fresh fish and sea food at less prices.

What make it distinctive is that when you visit Guaruja you can enjoy both beaches and mountains. Guaruja is also an ecotourism sport where you can enjoy, trekking, cycling, rappelling and paragliding. Other interesting activity you can enjoy is Rotas do Dragao also known as Dragon Route, It will take 3 to 9 hours to complete these routes, there you can visit historic ruins, forts, crafts fairs, popular shops and Acqua Mundo which the biggest saltwater aquarium in South.

If you are planning to visit Guaruja anytime soon and majorly on weekend, book you accommodation in advance, as this is a busy summer vacation spot. Though, you have many options starting from low to high budget, both simple and luxurious. It you choice to pick your accommodation in downtown area or near the sea.

How to Reach:

  • You can take buses from any big city of Brazil all the buses arrives at Guaruja’s Bus Terminal.
  • if you are coming from rental or personal car you need to follow the main highways to SP-160 also known as Immigrants Highway, which leads your directly to Guaruja, If you are coming from Sao Paulo; and the Rio de Janeiro visitors can follow the BR-116 highway.
  • If you are coming from Santos, you can opt a ferry ride.

Points of Attraction:

  • Morro da Caixa Dagua
  • Enseada Beach
  • Asturias Beach
  • Pernambuco Beach
  • Tombo Beach

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