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Plan your vacation to Brazil, and experience the great culture and tourism of the many

cities throughout the country, including the city Santarem. This is the second largest city

in the state Para. It is not only the second largest city, but it is the second most important

city within the state. There is so much for tourists to see while vacationing in this city;

from the beautiful attractions, to the rich culture throughout the neighborhoods in the

area. Be sure to purchase a Brazil Airpass to receive the best deals on tickets to Santarem.

History of Santarem

Santarem was once the home to the Tapajos Indians. It was founded in 1542. Majority

of the city is of Roman Catholic belief. Santarem did not become the official name

of this city until 1758. The economy was marked by the rubber boom, in addition to

soy, hardwoods, nuts, jute, black pepper, mangoes, and fish. Over the last 25 years, the

development in the southeastern part of Santarem has increased.

What to do in Santarem

When you visit Santarem, there are many activities to participate in, and beautiful sights

to see. The city is known as a pleasant city with a wide waterfront promenade and river

breezes. The streets in Santarem are full of joggers, families mingling with the tourists,

and cruise-ship passengers. The popular city market in Santarem is Mercado Modelo.

To learn more about the history of the town, be sure to visit the History Museum Joao

Fona. This museum is located on the eastern end of the waterfront. The venue is well

attended, and the staff is overly friendly. You can see the portraits of all the mayors

who have served in Santarem, and well as the millennia-old pottery shards. One of the

biggest attractions in Santarem is the river beach known as Alter do Chao. For some great

cuisine, be sure to dine at Mascote and Peixaria Piracatu.

Hotel Accommodations

You can find hotels that range from cheap all the way to luxury prices, depending on the

amenities, the location, and the type of venue. Some of the more affordable hotels that

you could stay in while on vacation in Santarem are Gram Rio and Hotel Equatorial. The

most popular mid-range hotel in this city is the Santarem Palace Hotel.

Weather in Santarem

When you plan a trip to any location, you will need to know the weather conditions

in that country, city, or state, and Santarem, Brazil is no exception. Knowing the

temperatures and seasons in Santarem could help ensure you plan the perfect vacation.

The accessories you will need, the clothing you should wear, the activities you should

plan, and the medical supplies that you may need will depend on various factors, and the

weather is one.

Santarem has a tropical monsoon climate, along with a short dry season. It is typically

warm all year long, on average. The warmest months in Santarem are September,

October, and November; the hottest month in this city is October. The coolest month in

Santarem is March, although temperatures are still in the 80s. Thunderstorms are most

likely to occur during the month of April. Even though it rains year-round in this city,

you can expect light rain during the month of February.

Traveling in Santarem

When it is time to book your tickets to Santarem, hold off and inquire about a Brazil

Airpass first. This airpass can save you time scheduling flights, and it could save you

money on those flights to multiple cities. A Brazil Airpass will lock in the rates for

tickets, and it can give you more flexibility with flights. You cannot purchase this airpass

once you are in Brazil; it is only available to foreign passengers, and it must be purchased

outside of Brazil. Be sure to ask your travel agent for more details pertaining to the Brazil

Airpass, and how it can save you money on your trip to Santarem.

Make Plans to Visit Santarem Today

Start planning your vacation to Santarem now. You can find some of the best attractions,

and picturesque views. Be sure to plan ahead so you can schedule tours around the city,

and deals on the best hotels and resorts. Enjoy the tourism that Santarem has to offer you,

as well as those who are joining you on this trip to Brazil.

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