Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul



When you want to see one of the beautiful cities that Brazil has to offer, Porto Alegre

should be high on your list. Taking a trip to Porto Alegre gives you the opportunity to

see beautiful beaches, wonderful sights, and more great attractions. The trip to Brazil will

require you to take multiple flights, which is why you should purchase a Brazil Airpass to

get the best prices on tickets.

History of Porto Alegre

The city was founded in March of 1772, but it did not become a capital city until 1773.

In 1824, immigrants from all around the world began to flock to Porto Alegre, helping

the population in this city increase. Porto Alegre gives a great example of diversity

and a multi-cultural city. After the well-known Farrapos War ended in the mid 1830s,

this Brazilian city truly began to develop. After the war, the city went through urban

reconstruction, which was driven by the accelerated growth that Port Alegre had

experienced. The city is driven by shipyards and port-related activities. It soon became

the birthplace of many well-known writers, artists, politicians, intellectuals, and a lot of

other respected individuals.

What to do in Porto Alegre

When you travel to Porto Alegre, you will find a variety of activities that you can

participate in; some will be indoors, but majority of the attractions are outdoors. You can

visit museums to learn more about the history and rich culture of this Brazilian city. Be

sure to take tours of the city and see many of the sites that you read about in the history

books. Museu de Arte do Rio Grande do Sul and the Cathedral Metropolitana are just two

of those venues. You can also have fun on the beaches, or spend the day shopping in one

of the shopping centers. If you want to see great local artists, be sure to visit the Boteco


Hotel Accommodations

You can find hotel accommodations in Porto Alegre that meet your needs, and your

wants. If you want to stay at a hotel with a great view of the city, there are plenty

of venues in Porto Alegre that meet that requirement. You could also stay near the

downtown area, giving you the ability to access all that the city has to offer quickly,

sometimes within walking distance from your hotel. Some of the hotels in Porto Alegre

that tourists love are the Sheraton Porto Alegre, Lido Hotel, Casa Azul Hotel, Master

Premium Cosmopolitian Hotel, Hotel Laghetto Viverone Moinhos, and more.

Weather in Porto Alegre

The weather in Porto Alegre is an important factor pertaining to your trip to this Brazilian

city. It will determine what sights you see, which tours you take, what clothes and

accessories you pack, and many other things. This is why it is important to know as much

about the weather conditions as you can when planning your vacation to Porto Alegre.

The warmest and most humid months in Porto Alegre are December through March,

while the coolest months are between May and August. December is the warmest month

in Porto Alegre. November is the wettest month for this city.

Traveling in Porto Alegre

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Start Planning Today

You can start planning your trip to Porto Alegre today. Be sure to plan during the season

that you enjoy the most; this will help ensure you can plan to participate in the attractions

and outdoor activities that you enjoy the most. Planning ahead also allows you to find the

best prices on flights, tours, and hotel accommodations.

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