Palmas, Tocantins



Take a trip to Palmas, and see what this wonderful Brazilian city has to offer. You will

enjoy the rich culture and beautiful ambience when you travel to Palmas. There is always

something for you to do, regardless if you are traveling alone, with your family, or in a

small group. To receive the best rates on tickets and flights, make sure you purchase a

Brazil Airpass.

History of Palmas

With more than 265,000 inhabitants, Palmas is the state of Tocantins’ largest city.

Although the area was noticed decades before, and originally built for agriculture, Palmas

was founded in 1990. Palmas is the youngest city in Brazil. Roads were built to make

sure the east side of this city would also develop. Architects said that the hill was too soft

to build on, but Palmas was still built and is holding strong decades later.

Fun Fact: The Tocantins’ River formed what looked like the letter “S.” This impressive

fact added to the area becoming the home of Palmas.

What to do in Palmas

When you vacation in Palmas, there are a variety of activities to do, and attractions to

see. Many tourists that travel to Palmas enjoy fishing in the Araguaia River. If you want

to visit the beaches in Palmas, you can enjoy them and relax, swim, or participate in other

activities. Some travelers like to walk on the shores of the beaches of the Tocantins and

Araguaia Rivers. You can also enjoy rafting and off-road. You also have the option to go

paragliding, or to visit the volcanoes, such as Teneguia.

The roads in Palmas make it easy for you to travel around the city, enjoying all of the

sights. You can see the animals in this city when you journey out by the sea; you can

also camp out in this area. The people in Palmas are nice, and the food is delicious. The

tourism in Palmas is of the highest quality, and it continues to improve each year.

Hotel Accommodations

When you plan your trip to Palmas, be sure to find the best hotel or resort for you and

those will travel to this Brazilian city with you. Each hotel provides you with something

different, regardless if that is a view of the sea, access to the beach, or all of the amenities

that you would have in your own home.

Some of the popular hotels in Palmas include the Hotel San Telmo; this is a restored 17th

century venue that has modern décor. You can enjoy breakfast on the patio or terraces

of this hotel. Those who are not traveling with children will love to stay in the Hotel

Hacienda de Abajo; a relaxing hotel that is adult-only. This venue overlooks the banana

plantations in Palmas. To get a great view of the Canary Islands, you should stay at

La Palma Princess & Teneguia Princess. This hotel is near the well-known La Zamora


Weather in Palmas

The weather plays an important role in your travel plans. What you pack, the activities

you participate in, and the sights you see are all determined based on the weather

conditions of the city that you have planned to vacation in. When you travel to Palmas,

you will need to know the weather conditions in this Brazilian city well ahead-of-time.

Failing to know as much about the weather in this city could be the difference between

a great vacation, and a horrible trip. The warmest month in Palmas is January, and the

coolest month is July. The driest month of the year is also July. The wettest month in

Palmas is October.

Traveling in Palmas

There are a variety of methods that you can use when traveling to Palmas; however, the

most popular is via airplane. Before you purchase tickets to this Brazilian city, you will

need to consider buying a Brazil Airpass. This airpass could save you money by locking

in the rates for airplane tickets; it will also allow you some flexibility with your flights.

The Brazil Airpass is only available to foreign travelers; therefore, it must be purchased

outside of Brazil. You can contact your travel agent to learn more about a Brazil Airpass;

you can also contact a representative from the airline you will be booking your flights


Take a Trip that you Can Enjoy

Do not waste another moment wondering if Palmas is the right Brazilian destination

for you; start planning your vacation today. You will love all that this city has to offer,

ranging from the history, culture, food, and more. This area is known for its tourism,

which gets better each year. Plan your trip today, and see everything that keeps tourists

coming back time and time again.

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