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Teixeira de Freitas is a city in the extreme south of the state of Bahia, right off highway BR101. It is one of the
largest cities in the state with a population estimated at 158.000 inhabitants.
Until the 70s the village of Teixeira de Freitas, lost in the Atlantic Forest that was left in Bahia’s
interior, was just a reference for their own and few residents.
The municipality’s constitution is very recent. Until recently, in 1986, the urban core had a very unique
situation. Its administrative subordination was divided between two municipalities. The village which
became Teixeira de Freitas was located exactly on the dividing line between the municipalities of
Alcobaça and Caravelas.
Since its origin, the city had turned its vocation for livestock activities. At the beginning its main
activity was logging when were implemented over a hundred mills on site. Parallel to this, under the
influence of a Japanese colony, the city started to produce papaya, pumpkin, watermelon, tomatoes,
passion fruit, peppers, okra, coffee, melon and lemon, and is today one of the largest watermelon
exporters in the region. Currently, with the development of the region, encouraged largely by the
implementation of Bahia Sul Celulose and after the advent of the BR 101 that runs through the city
the Industrial District was born and nowadays counts with 12 installed industries.
Every year in September, Teixeira de Freitas hosts the Bahia Business Fair, Feban. Dozens of
stands of various segments exposes and stimulate business.
Main events:
AgroFest (Feast of the Farmer) in April.
Birthday party of the city, on 09 May.
Feast of St. Peter, patron of the city, which takes place in July.
FEBAN (Fair Bahia Business).
Agricultural Exhibition.
June festivities and regional folk festivals.
Theatre Festival in December.

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