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Valenca is a municipality in the state of Bahia, northeast region of the country. Its economic activity is
the shrimp production in captivity which makes Valencia the main producer of Bahia, and the culture
and processing of cloves, pepper and palm oil.
For many, Valenca is only the gateway to Morro de Sao Paulo, one of the most coveted destinations
of Dende Coast. The town is small but worth a visit. In the center, colorful houses and colonial
buildings of the 18th century adorn the streets of jagged rocks and the avenue on the banks of the
river Una.
The must see spots in town are the church of Nossa Senhora do Perpetuo Socorro, built in the upper
part of the city in 1757, showing Portuguese tiles mosaics and panoramic views of the region. And
the church Sagrado Coracao de Jesus, full of sacred images from 18th and 19th centuries.
Valenca also has beaches, although not in town. Guaibim about 19 kilometers from Valencia is dotted
with B&Bs, kiosks and vacation homes. Good for hiking and water sports.
The deserted Ponta do Curral Beach is 22 Km distant and still requires 15­minute walk. A paradise
beach, it has clear and fine sand, warm waters and a view of the lighthouse of Morro de São Paulo.
The freshwater bath is also guaranteed in the region. In Candengo protection area, nine kilometers
from Valenca, four waterfalls do stand out in the landscape framed by the Atlantic forest. The reserve
also houses several species of birds and animals, besides the ruins of the first hydroelectric of Bahia
state, dated 1908.
To reach Morro de São Paulo, you can take a boat (1h30 trip leaving every half hour, stopping at
Bom Jardim) or speedboat (30 minutes) in downtown, leaving the car in the nearby parking lots. The
second option, faster and cheaper, is to take the boat at Ponta do Curral 22Km from downtown (30
minutes) or speed boat (15 minutes).

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