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Presidente Prudente is a municipality in the state of São Paulo. Belonging to the meso and micro­region of the
same name, located about 558 km west of the state capital. It occupies an area of ​​562.107 square kilometers,
with 16.5600 sq km in urban area, and its population was estimated in 2010 at 207 625 inhabitants by the
Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, then being the 36th most populous city in the state of São Paulo
and first of its micro­region. It is located 979 km from Brasilia, the federal capital.
The city has an average annual temperature of 21.6°C and the local vegetation is mostly comprised of sparse
tree formations. Regarding the automobile fleet in 2009 were accounted for 103,460 vehicles. With an
urbanization rate of about 97.91%, the municipality had, in 2009, 91 health facilities. Its Human Development
Index (HDI) is 0.846, considering how high in relation to the state.
The city of Presidente Prudente was emancipated from Conceição de Monte Alegre (now Paraguaçu Paulista)
in the 1910s. Its name is a reference to former Brazilian president Prudente de Morais (Itu, October 4, 1841 ­
Piracicaba, December 13, 1902), which was a Brazilian lawyer and politician, first governor of the state of São
Paulo (1889­1890). Today the city is formed by the city of Presidente Prudente as well as the districts of
Ameliópolis, Eneida, Floresta do Sul, and Montalban, further subdivided into around 220 districts. It is currently
one of the main industry, service and cultural centers of the west region of São Paulo, so much so that it
became known as the “Capital of the West of São Paulo”. With the great economic crisis of 1929, the economy
of municipalities linked to coffee production suffered great shock and Presidente Prudente now has new
economic activities such as the cultivation of cotton. The industrialization of the city began in the mid­1930s.
The city also has an important cultural tradition that goes from your crafts to theater, music and sports. During
2010 and 2011 the football team Gremio Barueri was headquartered in the city, under the name of Grêmio
Prudente, after being relocated to his hometown of Barueri. There is also the Municipal Stadium Eduardo Jose
Farah, the People’s Park and the Municipal Theatre Procopio Ferreira. According to research by Getúlio
Vargas Foundation, published in the journal Voce SA, Presidente Prudente is the 27th place in the ranking of
the most promising cities for building a professional career.

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