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Parnaíba is a city in the Brazilian state of Piauí. Having a population of over 170.000 inhabitants, it is
the second most populous city in the state, after the capital Teresina. It is one of the four coastal
Municipalities in Piauí.
The city of Parnaíba is located in the northern region of Piaui, constituting much of their municipality
on an alluvial plain formed by the Parnaíba River Delta, home to exotic lagoons, dunes and about
seventy islands and islets.
The largest of the Delta islands is the big island of Santa Isabel, near the city center, where you will
find the beach Pedra do Sal. Where the rock faces to the sea, there are two “Crowns”: a calm one,
enjoyed by fishermen, and another with strong waves, more used to practice water sport.
The city streets are wide and tree­lined and its warm climate is softened by the breeze that blows all
year. The colonial houses of the eighteenth century, well kept, are graceful monuments of the heyday
of the old town of Sao Joao of the Parnaíba. The highest historical value Casarão is known as the
Casa Grande de Parnaíba and belonged to the founder of the city, Simplicio Dias. It is located at
Avenida Presidente Vargas and, according to the elders, there is an underground connection to the
church Nossa Senhora das Gracas.
The Cathedral of Nossa Senhora das Gracas was built by Simplicio Dias, originally in baroque style
in 1770. After a renovation made in 1936, it has lost some of its features. At praca da Graca is the
Igreja do Rosario, also from the eighteenth century built so that the slaves could attend their services
without entering the main church.
In a small, cozy city garden, close to the street Pedro II, is the cashew tree planted by the immortal
poet Humberto de Campos, in the residence’s yard where he lived in Parnaíba, by the eighteenth
century. The best of his works is on display in metal plates.
Another interesting attraction is the monument to the Centenary, an obelisk opened in 1844 at Praca
Santo Antonio to commemorate the first centenary of the city.

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