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Santa Maria is a beautiful city located in the Rio Grande do Sul State, in Brazil.
With 274,838 habitants, according to estimates of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and
Statistics (IBGE ) in 2014 , it is considered an average city and very influential in the central
region of the state . It is the 5th most populated city in Rio Grande do Sul and , separately, the
highest in its region.
Santa Maria is considered an university town, thanks to the Federal University of Santa Maria ,
founded by José Mariano da Rocha Filho.
The first known habitants of the area Maria were the Minuanos and tapes’ Indians. The city was
created when Spanish and Portuguese who passed through the region were doing demarcation
between lands. The commission set up camps where today is located Saldanha Marinho Square in
1797 .
During the Revolution Farroupilha (1835-1845) came the first German immigrants, from São
Leopoldo, looking to get away from the fighting .
This city is also known as Santa Maria da Boca do Monte,,because is located in an area
surrounded by hills , the end of the basaltic spill occurred in the Pleistocene . When there is
North wind is very strong, reaching 100 km / h. Its estimated population in 2009 was 268,969
Santa Maria for has central geographical position, located in the southern half of the state, and
historically strategic for military issues . For this reason, for several decades investments
concentrated on site were related to national security.
Thus they formed a structure and an economic vocation of the city focused on the provision of
services , then marked with the establishment of the state and federal public services and the
development of trade .
The municipality’s economic foundations can be proven by offered jobs. Available data show the
high importance of the tertiary sector, with emphasis on trade , public services , including the
Federal University of Santa Maria , and the military.
Some of the tourist attractions are: Teatro Treze de Maio, Museu Memorial Mallet, Planetario
Universidade Federal Santa Maria, Jardim Botanico Universidade Federal Santa Maria, Museu
Treze de Maio Afro Brasileiro, Centro Historico Coronel Pillar, Vila Belga, Vale da Garganta do
Diabo, Morro cechella, Balneario Ouro Verde.

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