Brazil Destinations, Ipatinga

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Ipatinga is located 210 km from Belo Horizonte; a member of the Metropolitan Steel Valley Region is
considered one of the most prosperous cities in the eastern region of Minas Gerais state.
Emancipated in April 29, 1964, the city of 255,266 inhabitants occupies the 108 place in the ranking
of the most populous cities of Brazil. Equipped with modern infrastructure and high levels of quality of
Ecotourism is one of the great attractions. The options are many and for all tastes, such as the
waterfalls Park ­ leisure and entertainment complex with swimming pools, restaurants, trails, and
camping area and the Nautical Club Alvorada / Lagoa Silvana, located in the city of Caratinga, a few
kilometers from Ipatinga. Created in the 1960s, from the installation of the Steel Mills of Minas Gerais
­ Usiminas, the city is now known worldwide for its industrial and cultural characteristics.
In this way, the city is an important business destination, but also hosts some of the major tourist
attractions in the Steel Valley, such as the Municipal Stadium João Neto Lamego ­ Ipatingão, one of
the biggest of Minas Gerais, the Sports and Recreational Association USIPA and the Centro Cultural
The Ipanema Park, whose design is by the landscape architect Burle Marx, has more than 1 million
square meters and is one of the country’s largest green areas inside an urban area. The space
combines leisure and environment. Besides having extensive green area, it has a lake, bike paths,
and places for walking and excellent infrastructure. The Park is home to many attractions such as the
Science Park, the Municipal Garden and the Kart circuit Emerson Fitipaldi. Among the cultural
attractions are the old building of the railway station, known as Estacao Memoria and the Cultural
Center Usiminas. The State Park of Rio Doce is a great excursion for the visitor who wants a close
contact with nature. There are around forty natural lakes and trails surrounded by the Atlantic Forest
and relevant biodiversity.
Access to the city is facilitated by the wide and well­structured road network, which connects to the
main centers of the country. From the Ipatinga Bus Terminal depart daily buses to major cities of the
state and the country. The municipality also has the Estrada de Ferro Vitoria ­ Minas, with freight train
and passenger. Another transportation option is the Usiminas Airport, renovated in 2011, with flights
to various destinations. With traditions and customs and a great vocation to innovate, Ipatinga stands
as a great power in the Minas Gerais State.

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