Brazil Destinations, Araçatuba

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Aracatuba is a municipality in the state of São Paulo. It has a 191.662 population, the second largest city in the
west of São Paulo.
The story of Aracatuba is intrinsically linked to the construction of the railroad northwest of Brazil. This railroad,
which in the early twentieth century was part of a policy aimed at the country’s internalization and its link with
other countries in South America, had started their work in November 15 1904, with the passage of
construction connected to the city of Bauru and Itapura located in the Paraná River ravines.
Aracatuba’s birth dates back to the coffee expansion and the transition to the 21st century. Its economy was
characterized by the growth of sugarcane crops. And also includes livestock, an activity that made Aracatuba
known in the country as the Live Cattle Capital due to negotiations of cattle held in the Square Rui Barbosa as
well as the inclusion of other livestock animals such as sheep industry. With a diversified economy, the service
sector is predominant in the city. Aracatuba is also characterized by being a university and gastronomic center
of the northwest region of São Paulo.
Ethanol production is strong in hot Aracatuba, offering good services for those conducting business. The city,
however, also attracts the crowds that like to go shopping. Birigüi, a city located 11 km from Aracatuba has
children’s shoes outlets offering quality products at attractive prices. The best place to get around is the
Shopping Footwear, with various establishments. To relax, take a boat tour of New Avanhandava Dam ­ with
calm waters, it is also popular for those looking for windsurfing and yachting. The tour, done in vessel with
capacity for 500 people, lasts five hours and includes lunch.

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