Balneario Camboriu

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Camboriú had the first inhabitants of the Tupi­Guarani Indians. Colonization began in 1826 with the arrival of Azorean Baltasar Pinto Corrêa. Years later, the arrival of the Germans in search of fertile soil, formed a small village in the region, the “Camp of Good Success.”In 1849 Balneario Camboriu became district, starting with the current Bar district, the construction of the Church of Our Lady of Good Success, and in 1884 the village was separated from Itajaí, giving the city of Camboriú.
From 1926 families from the Itajaí Valley discover a true vacation paradise, where they built the first houses and, two years later, the first hotel was built at the confluence of the current Central and Atlantic avenues. On July 20, 1964 Camboriú becomes municipality, dismembering up Camboriú.The
current population is a mix of German descent, Polish, Portuguese and Italian.
Weather Annual Average is around 20 ° C. In summer, the average remains around 25 ° C and in
winter, 15oC, and may reach 0 ° C in the early mornings. It rains 1,500mm per year without dry
season set. The predominant vegetation is the Atlantic Forest, and the relief is formed by fluvial plain
in the center, surrounded by mountains and hilly stretches. The culmination is the Stone Gurita,
located in the Morro da Congonha, at 720 meters altitude.
Tourism is the major driving force behind the city’s economy. Since the mid­1970s, the beach has
always been one of the most visited in Santa Catarina. Since 1991, with the opening of the Beto
Carreiro World Park, in the town of Penha, Camboriú stood out for harboring thousands of tourists
who came to the state in search of theme park. In 2009 the municipality received from the Ministry of
Tourism, the title of Pole 1 Inductor South Tourism of Brazil, displacing traditional destinations such
as Foz do Iguaçu, Curitiba and Florianópolis. Camboriú offers a good structure to support tourism,
with more than 100 hotels, varied and quality cuisine, strong trade and services.
Evening entertainment: The town has several nightclubs, as well as commercial variety. The city also
has the most famous clubs of the state, bringing together hundreds of young people. For the family,
you can enjoy attractions like bowling and arcades, which stay open until midnight.
Sport climbing: The Hotel Rieger (Rua 701, 162) has one of the largest fixed walls of Brazil, with 23
meters high. Open to all visitors, the site has 15 routes to climb, both for beginners as for
Marina: The Marina Tedesco Garden Plaza is located on the banks of the River Camboriu and has a
structure with international standards to accommodate yachts and tour boats up to 76 feet.
Bald the hill: By air, gliding and paragliding flights are carried out from the Morro do Careca, the
North Pontal.
Hill hawk: For those who want to venture out, one option is on Hawk Hill, located behind the Christ
Light The place has a rappel 15 meters high and mid­level trail to walk, lasting 1h30..
Environmental Park: The Environmental Park has 500 meters of tracks with walkways for walks in the
green, and three lookouts.
Adventure park: The adventure park has two tree climbing circuit with 12 different challenges.
Santur Park: With four museums and a zoo, the Santur Park is one of Camboriú attractions
Tours: In addition to the Natural Parks, as Unipraias, there is also the Tourist Complex Cristo Luz, Rio
Camboriú Ecological Park and Zoo of Santur, where visitors can have a direct contact with the fauna
and the flora prevalent in the city.
North Pontal: The North Pontal, the northernmost portion of the Central Beach, was all renovated
and gained 500 meters of walkways, gazebos, wooden decks, sand access stairs to the beach, 800
square meters of lawns, 67 linear meters of mud among other improvements, including lighting.
Central Beach: The city has several crystalline water beaches surrounded by the Atlantic Forest. The
Central Beach is the major attraction
Orange Beach: With calm and crystalline waters, Orange Beach is a great place for those looking to
enjoy nature without the hustle and hype.
Pine Beach:Is the first official naturist beach in the country. During the year, brings together fans
from around the country and the world. With camping and inns, the site has complete infrastructure to
receive visitors.
Beach Shipyard and Estaleirinho: With crystal clear waters and thick sand, the beaches are within 11
km from the center of Camboriú and have inns and restaurants.
Unipraias: The place has a cable car that connects the two beaches (Central and Orange) and has
three distinct seasons.

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